Hacked DNC Proof Uncovered, Russia Military Intelligence Possibly Involved in Donald Trump Win

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Hacked DNC Proof Uncovered, Russia Military Intelligence Possibly Involved in Donald Trump Win

New evidence came to light regarding the involvement of Russia in the US Presidential Elections. A private cyber security firm called CrowdStrike has revealed hacked DNC proof as that they found a connection with the hacking of the Democratic National Party and the military arm of Russia.

CrowdStrike revealed in their latest research that they came to believe the connection when they found out that malware used by Ukrainian pro-Russia separatists have been used for the DNC hacking, as well.

The private cyber security firm dubbed the malware “Fancy Bear.” Apparently, this malware was used first used to hack an Android app that controls the targeting of Ukrainian artillery, specifically their D-30 towed howitzers. While positioning the Soviet-era weapons take minutes due to the primitive, hand-drawn targeting methods, with the hacked Android app it can take as quick as 15 seconds.

A modified version of Fancy Bear was used to hack DNC, CrowdsStrike claims.

What the supposed aim of Russian interference was to help Donald Trump win through what they called “active measures” and influence operations, which included among other things the dumping of e-mails on websites accessible by the public.

Hacked DNC Proof Lead to Involvement of Russian Intelligence

The firm also adds that GRU, the military intelligence agency of Russia roughly equivalent to America’s CIA, was key to the operations. It should be noted that CrowdStrike admitted that they already have suspicions of Russia’s interference in the US elections, but they had “low confidence” because of the lack of proof. Now, as this development comes to light, the firm has never been surer.

Besides the GRU, CrowdStrike also suspects another group that is involved in the hacking. However, they are still unsure of the group’s identity, although the likely candidates are the FSB and the KVR. Both groups sprung from the now-defunct KGB.

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