Hillsong Movie Tells the Story of How God Transformed a Small Church into an International Powerhouse

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Hillsong Movie Tells the Story of How God Transformed a Small Church into an International Powerhouse

Few worship groups can say that they have the staying power of Hillsong, much less the popularity. Since the release of their first album, their songs have been sung on fellowship gatherings all over the world, declaring the glory of God through music. Now, they are ready to share the story of their journey to being the most popular group with the Hillsong movie Let Hope Rise.

Let Hope Rise first opened in theatres across America the past summer, to great reviews. Cinemascore gave it an “A” rating, and was endorsed by leaders of various Christian denominations and communities.

The movie’s aim was to share the story of how a small church in Sydney, Australia grew to be one of the most influential worship groups of all time.

Hillsong Movie Shows God’s Power in the Group’s Growth

With the movie’s tagline saying that “It’s All About Him,” we can expect it to be a remarkable documentary about how God moved in the lives of each member. It is about how God empowered them to create songs that are now sung by over 50 million people worldwide, selling 20 million albums and counting, with some of their songs translated into 90 languages.

Hillsong Channel Launched in Partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network

For those who cannot get enough of Christian documentaries, Hillsong also partnered with TBN to bring us Hillsong Channel. It is a 24-hour channel that features programs created by the Hillsong team themselves. The shows include teachings from various pastors, as well as the beautiful worship that the church is known for.

Hillsong Worship was founded in Australia in 1983. From its meagre suburban beginnings their faith proved to be an unrelenting force, and now they have churches in five continents including Europe and the Americas and have more than 100,000 attendees weekly.

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