Slimming and Diabetes Cure Scare: Beware of Adulterated Health Products

diabetic sufferers, health alert
Young diabetic Georgia Black says, “Managing my condition makes me more understanding of anyone who deals with barriers.”

During and after the holiday season, some people may be prompted to try quick fixes in an attempt to lose weight or inch their way closer to wellness. Consumers need to be wary, though, of retailers peddling products with unsubstantiated claims or dubious ingredients. These range from fast slimming solutions and body ache remedies, to a diabetes cure.

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority, a statutory board, recently issued a health alert to the public on three “adulterated” products which caused “serious adverse reactions and led to hospitalization” of a 60-year-old woman who tried her friend’s recommendation of a touted diabetes cure.

The Hazards of Being An  Ill-Informed Consumer

The dangers of popping medicines without proper medical supervision cannot be stressed enough.

The case of the senior who had consumed the Ananda Thukha Remedy for Diabetes that was marketed as medicine to turn around diabetes, as well as cases of other people who have consumed other products with undeclared potent ingredients found detrimental to overall health drives home one clear point:

Consumers should buy health products only from trusted sources, read the product label carefully, and refer to a doctor or healthcare practitioner before ingesting them. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Changing Public Perceptions of Disability

Battling both health issues, and the stigma/the general public’s perception about individuals dealing with serious illnesses, requires courage. After all, barriers to wellness come in many different forms.

While it would seem like some people will go to great lengths to try to battle simple body aches and discomforts to serious life-changing illnesses, it pays to be in the know when it comes to trying new medical “breakthroughs.”

There will always be profit-oriented scheming persons and product replicas riding high on false claims that can jeopardize the health or lives of unsuspecting victims.

In most parts of the world, diabetes education courses are empowering sufferers not only to go with tested and safe  cures but also to better manage their medical condition through interaction with trustworthy people (mostly patients like themselves).

Georgia Macqueen Black, 22, who has been afflicted with Type 1 diabetes – a condition she described as an `invisible disability’ – has been involved in getting the word out about the benefits of community networking (and taking part in worthwhile activities like art-for-a-cause) on social media.

“Managing my condition makes me more understanding and sensitive of anyone else who has to deal with impairment and barriers,” Georgia tweeted.

Georgia is one of millions of individuals who know that grappling with a disease is never smooth sailing. In  order to surmount a serious illness, joint efforts with the community and greater individual vigilance that can lead to more consumer-oriented laws are all vital.

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