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People Are Awestruck Over Magic Leap Who Kept Their VR Secret for a Long Time

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Virtual reality used to be just a dream in the past, like so many of the technological advancements that we enjoy the benefits of today. And similar to other gadgets, VR has become a reality as well, with prominent companies like Google and Sony trying to perfect this technology. However, Magic Leap, a company that mostly stayed in the shadows, is starting to emerge. Their advancements promise to change the game — both in terms of computing power and our perception of VR.

Based in South Florida, the company has been working on and improving their prototype since 2011. Their progress was only known to a privileged few and even then most of those that are in the loop had to sign a non-disclosure agreement that forbids them to say anything short of denying that the company exists.

But now that they are starting to emerge, those fortunate enough to witness their work up close were astounded.

The company’s promising tech reportedly allows them to display anything on any surface. This means that, should their products start to gain traction, it will mean we could say goodbye to our unwieldy monitors and gadgets and settle for a little lens right in front of our eyes.

Magic Leap Boasts not only VR, but “Context Computing”

In addition to this, what they have is called “context computing,” albeit taken up to another level. While most people imagine VR to do stuff that is related mostly with computers, the company’s technology is not so limited.

They could project something as simple as yellow arrows in front of you, guiding you to your next meeting venue, or even help you maintain your car by highlighting parts that are deemed defective and should be fixed or replaced.

They have not yet demonstrated or released a product for testing, owing to their utmost secrecy. The good news is that in about 18 months, we can expect their technology to be available to the public.

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