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A Device From Germany Brings Us One Step Closer Into Achieving Nuclear Fusion

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A Device From Germany Brings Us One Step Closer Into Achieving Nuclear Fusion

A new device creatively called the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator has just shown much promise that it will bring us the coveted nuclear fusion. This method has been more or less the grail of those wanting to find a stable alternative energy resource and the W7-X has been the best candidate so far for securing the tech involved in the process.

In the unending search for clean, renewable energy, scientists have garnered many breakthroughs, be it from biomass or even utilizing C-14 diamonds. However, fusion is still a thing that is considered too far from grasp, although we pretty much already understand the concept of how it works — we just do not have the tech and resources to achieve fusion.

Nuclear fusion is by far one of the best prospective energy sources we have. To achieve it, we must mimic how the sun creates energy.

Basically, it is smashing atoms so hard that their individual nuclei fuse (hence “nuclear” fusion) and form a completely different element altogether. For example, atoms of hydrogen can be fused to form helium.

Nuclear Fusion Still Decade’s Away, Despite WX-7’s Promise

It sounds simple, but it is really not, and the most we can observe fusion of this type happening is when we observe stars. The energy released from this fusion is what we want.

The process of getting atoms together releases tremendous amounts of energy and if one wants to find evidence, one must only consider stars. What is more, after fusing hydrogen into the heavier helium, the helium itself can be fused into heavier particles that result in another energy release as the cycle goes on.

W7-X has performed admirably in tests performed the Max Planck Institute of Technology in Germany. It is a promising device; however many still believe that fusion of this scale being viable could still be decades away from grasp.

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