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Two Physicists Believed Quantum Teleportation Could Provide Instantaneous Data Transfer at Ultra-High Speed

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Quantum Teleportation Could Provide Instantaneous Data Transfer, Internet at Ultra-High Speed

For all the technological advancement we have experienced in the past few years, teleportation is one frontier that is still in the realm of science fiction. We have yet to see teleportation come into reality and we can only dream it in the media and entertainment we consume.

But most of the humankind’s greatest innovations have started with dreaming something to happen. And the research and speculation never stop.

The same can be said for teleportation — quantum teleportation, to be exact.

Two professors from the Swinburne University of Australia, Dr. Laura Rosales Zarate and Professor Margaret Reid, believe that they know what components and interactions are crucial to achieving true teleportation. One of the things they mentioned is a peculiar little concept in Physics called quantum entanglement.

Basically, “entanglement” is a phenomenon where a state of one particle is completely dependent on the state of another, no matter the distance. For example, with any two particles that can be only in state “1” or “0,” observation and determination of the state of one, say, being a “1,” would force the other particle into state “0.”

This was a groundbreaking observation from the time of famous physicists and thinkers like Albert Einstein, Nathan Rosen, and Erwin Schrodinger. No one really knows what causes this “spooky action at a distance” and scientists like Zarate and Reid are only beginning to understand its implications now.

When fully realized, we can manipulate the quantum state of one particle in our location so that it affects the state of another particle in another location, no matter how far, so long as we get these two elements in an entangled state. Reid and Zarate believe teleportation could only be achieved this way, as any other attempts without quantum entanglement involved would be a “fuzzy” affair at best.

Quantum Teleportation Could Herald the Birth of Instantaneous Data Transfer

And while we imagine that we can beam our bodies up to anywhere in the world (or the universe!) when it is fully understood, this breakthrough could well be the bane of slow data transfer as well. Quantum internet has been on human discovery’s fingertips, and while we do not have a determined date for it yet, it is a good thing that physicists believe such a thing is possible.

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