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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Lani Confesses to Being JJ’s Hookup; Chad Furious at Andre

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The cat is out of the bag for JJ and his drunken one night stand. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives hint that Lani will come forward to being the one JJ hooked up with in the past, while Chad learns of Andre’s involvement in Abigail’s staged death.

As everyone can recall, Lani returned to Salem and has unusually been giving JJ the cold shoulder. Now, new spoilers reveal the reason why Lani was purposely doing that. Lani will come forward and confess to JJ that she was the one he slept with that night.

Before midnight strikes to mark the new year, Lani will have a word with JJ, in which she reveals this. JJ does not remember what else happened, so Lani will refresh his memory.

Obviously, JJ will be stunned, but this revelation will have serious consequences on his relationship with Gabi. Lani will be hurt that JJ did not remember, and he will apologize, saying that it was never his intention to hurt her. Unfortunately, Gabi overhears most of their conversation and calls it quits with JJ for good.

Chad is Mad

Meanwhile, Chad will not be happy once he learns about Andre’s involvement regarding Abigail. New spoilers reveal that he will be furious at Andre for keeping quiet about Abigail coming back to Salem.

Although that is not the only thing Chad should be furious about, seeing as Andre was the one who made Abigail disappear for a while and faked her death in the process. However, as if Andre keeping quiet about Abigail was not enough, Chad will find out that Stefano may still be alive.

As previous spoilers revealed, Rafe discovered that the body in Stefano’s grave was someone else’s, leading them to believe that the DiMera patriarch may be hiding somewhere.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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