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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Gabi Comes Back to Chad; Abigail Heartbroken

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DOOL new spoilers

JJ has deceived Gabi quite a few times now, but it seems that this may be the last straw. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Gabi will come running back to Chad’s arms and Abigail will be heartbroken.

As previous spoilers have already stated, Abigail will pluck up the courage to come forward to Chad. She will go to the DiMera estate to be with him, with Andre’s assistance. However, her plan changes when she walks in on Chad and Gabi locking lips.

New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal the reason for the sudden lip-locking between Chad and Gabi. It seems that JJ has once again deceived Gabi which brought her back to Chad.

Unfortunately for Abigail, she witnesses the two of them kissing and runs off. When Chad and Gabi pull away, they will miss Abigail, and instead, they will see Andre by the door.

Andre will most likely get told off by the two for interrupting their makeout session, but Chad will later realize that it is for another reason entirely.

Abigail Heartbroken

After walking in on Chad and Gabi, Abigail will come back home to Jennifer in tears. New spoilers hint that she will tell Jennifer that she will have to leave Salem again. Jennifer will be crushed at the news.

Abigail does not want to be a burden to many people, and Chad is better off with Gabi. Jennifer will try and convince Abigail to stay, telling her that if she leaves Salem again, she will not be able to see Thomas grow up.

Abigail might say that Gabi would be a great mother figure to Thomas, seeing as she did a good job with Arianna. Jennifer will continue to convince Abby to stay, but it seems that her mind is made up and she is determined to leave.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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