‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Lani Comes Back to Salem, Bonds With Theo, Abe

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DOOL new spoilers

Someone is back in Salem, and JJ might not be happy about it. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Lani is in town to spend the holidays with Theo and Abe while Chad and Gabi will find themselves in a tough spot.

It seems that JJ’s secrets are coming back to haunt him as new spoilers indicate that Lani is back in Salem. Lani plans on spending Christmas with her loved ones, and she will do some catching up with Theo and Abe.

Bonding with Theo and Abe will also allow Lani to meet Valerie, but she will also have some difficulty trying to keep a secret that involves JJ. By the looks of things, it seems that Lani really was JJ’s hookup that caused him to cheat on Gabi. Trouble will brew should Lani and Gabi cross paths and if Gabi finds out about her.

But that is not the only thing Gabi will find out about.

Chad and Gabi in a Bind

As previous spoilers have already stated, Gabi will be placed in an awkward situation now that Chad has discovered his wife. New spoilers reveal that when Chad discovers her to be very much alive, Abigail will struggle trying to explain everything to him.

Naturally, Chad will be furious that Abigail faked her death and Andre knew all along, but fans can count on the fact that Chad and Abby will be together again. They just have to sort out some things first.

Abby will most definitely have to explain and maybe name names if she wants to come clean to her husband. This also puts Chad in a bind, seeing as he sees Abigail again just when he was about to start a relationship with Gabi.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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