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It Is Only a Matter of Time Before Artificial Intelligence Robot Could Learn and Replace Human Workers

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It Is Only A Matter of Time Before Artificial Intelligence Robot Could Learn and Replace Human Workers

Artificial intelligence robots are in the works of being developed by a robotic AI startup in Toronto. Its founders are taking a step further by creating robots that can learn and eventually replace human workers. What will that mean for everyone?

Artificial Intelligence Robot: To Replace Humans

Kindred Systems, a stealthy startup, aims to develop and create robots with artificial intelligence that can learn from human workers, and in time, replace them. Geordie Rose, Kindred’s founder and the co-founder and CTO of D-Wave, a quantum computing company, wants to take the step further from robotic manufacturers.

Since robotic arms replacing human hands of blue-collar workers are not new, the recent patent application of Kindred shows their plans to make a robotic exoskeleton that augments information to a bunch of sensors.

These will enable robots to learn and mimic actions of the human wearer to the point of the robot eventually learning from the human, which later on makes humans excluded in the equation.

The AI, according to the patent filing, can do more than just manufacturing work. It will be able to do simple chores like pouring you a cup of coffee, and even entertainment activities like learning how to dance from a human choreographer.

What Will Happen To Human Workers?

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Robotic advancements continue to raise concern among the people as it could equate to unemployment, especially when there are already robots that can replace the work done by people.

However, Martin Feldstein, an economics professor at Harvard University wrote in World Economic Forum that despite technical innovations, “the U.S. economy continues to return to full employment.”

In fact, having robots as workers could even be beneficial for humans to have more hours off of work and to improve the quality of life while doing a higher order of work. With artificial intelligence robot, humans can have fewer hours at work while assigning a task to robots, which allows us more time to pursue personal activities and passions.

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