Train Your Mind to be Free of Unhealthy Wants & Fears

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Photo shows a young child and a senior. Functional fitness training can do to the body what happy thoughts can give to overall well-being — an enhanced state.

This new year, it may do you well to heed good advice coming from a wellness expert, particularly one with specific interests ranging from yoga and meditation to stress management and overall healthy lifestyle habits.

Take for instance a letter to a friend penned by Dr. Amit Sood, director of research in the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program of Mayo Clinic’s Rochester campus in Minnesota. In a nutshell, Dr. Sood advised that it is good to think thoughts that you can take pride in owning.

The Professor of Medicine, whose areas of research include complementary and integrative medicine as well as cancer prevention and control, wrote the following in his letter addressed to a friend, who may be anyone out there seeking a healthier and better year:

“For the rest of my life, during each of my awake moments, I will experience two worlds—the outer world of objects and the inner world of thoughts. Just as I can’t freeze the outer world, I can’t silence my inner world.”  Dr. Sood proceeded to say that that is not a battle he should be fighting.

Choosing One’s Battles and Redirecting Flow of Thoughts

In other words, as the doctor and yoga enthusiast underscored, people will do their bodies and souls a favor by choosing their battles and redirecting the flow of their thoughts to positivity.

“Think thoughts that are lush with meaning, that breathe gratitude and compassion and bring peace to others” and to oneself, he said.  People can take charge of their health as well as their thinking.

As every year ends, most people recall the mistakes they made and the lessons learned along the way. A thousand others are thinking instinctive thoughts — the daily chores they need to do, the people they need to meet, the ways they can start anew to ensure another prosperous year.

Indeed, the mind tends to be “busy in its default stage” and since it is a stage focused mainly on self-serving interests, it can be dissatisfying.   When your worries are ringing so loud you can wound up highly stressed that you tend to forget how to listen to or taste the wonders of each new day of life.  The trick is to stop creating or aggravating your own problems.

Think happy thoughts so that the unnecessary or toxic ones will be eased out. In so doing, you can pave the way for a more positive, more productive, and more fulfilling existence. Nourish your body and spirit with good food.

By clearing your mind of negative thoughts or those that will not do you any good, leaving only positive thoughts, you can eventually be free of unhealthy wants and fears.

Dr. Sood underscored that it is not a matter of stopping the mind from thinking, since doing so is like telling the heart not to beat.  Instead of silencing the mind, he suggested cultivating it to think kinder, happier, and fewer thoughts.

Happy 2017!

Photo Source: Mayo Clinic/Twitter

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