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A Company Is Innovating A New Skin Rejuvenation Product For Burn Patients

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Photo shows a case of soup burn six days after incident took place.

The most successful tech innovations define their market niche, tap a demand, and engage customers. A novel SkinGun device using spray technology that can fall under skin rejuvenation treatment may have the first two characteristics.

Soon enough, the company behind the new product breakthrough, RenovaCare, would have fully engaged customers, thereby completing the Top 3 pillars characterizing the most successful tech products.

RenovaCare’s novel SkinGun device works by spraying a patient’s own stem cells onto burns and wounds to facilitate quick self-healing. The company has posted snaps of the product and the people marketing the revolutionary breakthrough in social media and online news sites.

The company has been quick on the draw in conveying the right message to people and institutes that may find the most need for the product.

Along with the announcement of the issuance of the U.S. patent for RenovaCare’s novel SkinGun™ device came news that the company has on-boarded Dr. Roger Esteban-Vives, a leading expert in the isolation of specific stem cells ideal for spraying onto burns and wounds. He assumed the position of Director of Cell Sciences.

The Tech Promise

Company officials have expressed that the much-touted technology emerges as a welcome new alternative for the fast healing of patients suffering from burns, chronic and acute wounds, and scars.

Human skin stem cells sprayed with the patented SkinGun™ maintained 97.3 percent viability, data confirmed. Moreover, independent test results culled by the world’s largest university hospitals show that RenovaCare SkinGun™ achieves the “gold standard” when it comes to viability for skin regeneration.

Given RenovaCare’s ultra-gentle delivery of regenerative stem cells to the wound site, the innovation has long caught the interest of burn victims and medical practitioners. The company’s SkinGun™ achieves uniform distribution of fluids with 200 times greater coverage than conventional methods, according to tests conducted in Berlin, Germany.

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