600 People Are Going to Be Tested With the First of Its Kind HIV Vaccine

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This HIV Vaccine Research is Close To Developing Drug That Will Prevent HIV/AIDS Contraction

An HIV vaccine research is closer to being tested to a bigger scale of human trials which means we are closer to getting a drug that can protect high-risk individuals from contracting HIV.

In the U.S., 1 million are living with HIV-positive patients. One out of every eight people living with HIV does not know about their infection.

That is why developing an HIV vaccine can protect millions of people in the world from contracting the infection.

HIV Vaccine Research Moves To The Second Stage

HIV Vaccine Development.

These are different approaches explored for the development of an HIV vaccine. (Source: Wikimedia CC)

Western researchers are working on an HIV vaccine called SAV001, a drug that will generate antibodies in the patient. These antibodies will neutralize strains of HIV that are seen in the first stage of the standard testing where the researchers were able to administer the vaccine to 33 HIV patients.

As the first stage is passed, the researchers at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry are positive in passing the second stage which will have 600 patients in North America. Half of them are volunteers while the other half are HIV-negative individuals who are in a high-risk of getting the virus.

Dr. Chil-Yong Kang says that they were already able to demonstrate that the drug is “completely safe” and that “it induces the proper immune responses.” This means results of the phase one of the testing “predicts the outcome” of the second phase.

SAV001 – An HIV Preventive Vaccine

Being a “killed-whole” vaccine, SAV001 is the first of its kind for an HIV vaccine that is approved by U.S.’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that also allows human trials. This type of vaccine consists of a safe and engineered version of the virus that can be created in larger quantities.

An HIV vaccine works by protecting high-risk individuals and it may or may not also have a therapeutic effect for those who have contracted HIV/AIDS, which Dr. Kang is working on too. It will work by developing the patient’s white blood cells into helping the drug destroy cells that are infected with HIV.

If SAV001 passes the Phase 3 of the trial, where 6,000 people from across the globe will be tested, the HIV vaccine research can help millions of lives that are affected by HIV/AIDS.

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