Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth’s New Year Snap Got More than 2M Likes

Miley Cyrus , Liam Hemsowrth
Liam Hemsowrth and Miley Cyrus share a passionate midnight kiss at a New Year’s Eve party in San Diego.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were a coosome twosome throughout the holiday season, and it had carried over into the new year. A snap of the Hollywood heartthrob and the pop diva kissing as they welcomed 2017 generated over 2 million likes on her Instagram account, a few days after she posted it.

The social media post elicited mixed reactions from Miley’s followers. Many of them expressed how they love the celebrity couple.

Careerwise, both stars seem to be biding their time these days for the right projects. The recent movie that Liam starred in, Independence Day: Resurgence, received negative reviews from critics and did not fare as great as expected at the box-office.

Liam’s Memorable Flicks

Liam shot to fame when he starred opposite Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.  The Australian actor convincingly played Gale Hawthorne, the childhood bestie of the lead film character Katniss Everdeen.

Liam also starred in the 2015 Australian drama-comedy The Dressmaker featuring Kate Winslet.

For the most part of 2016, Liam has taken part in worthwhile endeavors, like being the spokesperson for the charity Brave Beginnings, that works to improve the lives of premature babies through grants for equipment and services. As the actor tweeted, 73,000 babies were aided with the help of Brave Beginnings.Liam and Miley had also visited together a children’s hospital in San Diego, California to impart holiday cheer to young patients.

Liam and Miley had also visited together a children’s hospital in San Diego, California to impart holiday cheer to young patients.

The Pop Diva & Sister

At 24, Miley Cyrus has come full circle as a musical artist. From being a teen idol during her Hannah Montana days to music chart topper, she has gained a huge following.

Miley’s cute pop songs that include Party in the USA and The Climb, as well as relatable ballads like Wrecking Ball, continue to stay in the top 1400 of iTunes USA chart, the Miley Cyrus News camp tweeted this January. These songs also soared in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

To date, Miley is sitting out Season 12 of The Voice but will be joining other high-profile celebrities when Season 13 unfolds. When the Wrecking Ball singer began mentoring aspiring musicians on The Voice last year, few people knew that she was also giving sound advice to her own teenaged sister Noah.

Noah, who dropped her first single in November, was advised by her famous older sister on developing a “thick skin” when it comes to being in the public eye. Noah said that the best advice ever she got from her sister was to refrain from reading comments, “cause you’re gonna see stuff that you don’t want to see.”

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