This Jaw-Dropping Panasonic TV Will Make You Remember JARVIS in ‘Iron Man’

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A TV that disappears when turned off? No, it is not a scene from a sci-fi movie as it is, in fact, the Panasonic invisible TV.

The televisions we have today, and what are being invented as of this moment, are exceeding expectations of many. From TVs with very sharp and crisp 4K displays to ultra-thin screens, who would have thought an invisible TV was not that far from reach.

Futuristic TV Turns Invisible

During the CES event of 2016, the Japanese tech giant unveiled their futuristic television. At the time, it met some comments regarding the quality of its display.

But the engineers behind the innovation are hard at work at developing and improving the invisible TV. With that, Panasonic showcased an improved version during the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) that was held in Japan.

From the LED screen first sported by the TV, the screen of the HDTV was upgraded with an OLED panel. It resulted in a more vivid, crisp and bright picture quality that can compete with the TVs on the market that do not turn invisible.

Moreover, even when the backlight is bright, the display quality remains the same.

Magic Happens When The TV is Off

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Unlike other TVs, the wonder of Panasonic invisible TV does not stop when turned off. As the power goes off, the television will look nothing more like a transparent piece of glass.

However, to those who are already excited to get their own invisible TV in their homes, they will be disappointed to know that Panasonic has not yet announced the release date.

At the very least, the multinational electronics corporation are dedicating three more years in developing the television.

Living in A Dystopian Sci-Fi Generation

If the technology we have today is told to anyone in the 90s, they would think we are in a sci-fi movie. From a transportation mode that travels at ultra-high speed, cars that run without drivers, to AI robots that can eventually replace, human workers, technological advancements have paved a way to many jaw-dropping innovations.

And with the Panasonic invisible TV, it is certain that many are looking forward to more inventions to be part of our everyday lives that will come our way in the near future.

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