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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Andrew Lincoln Reveals Rick’s ‘Thrill of the Fight’ is Back

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'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Andrew Lincoln Reveals Rick's 'Thrill of the Fight' is Back

Andrew Lincoln reveals Rick Grimes will finally return with a “thrill of the fight” again when The Walking Dead Season 7 returns for its second half. And what is the meaning behind the cryptic teaser photos of the hit AMC series?

Rick is “A Man in Action Again”

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The first half of Season 7 showed us Rick whose will to fight is broken. In each episode, we see the Alexandrian leader let Negan do his way with his head bowed down.

But when TWD returns, Andrew Lincoln, the actor playing Rick, promises viewers will witness the “opposite” of what we have seen on the first eight episodes.

This is certainly good news, especially to fans who are tired of seeing Negan freely do his evil deeds. After Episode 8’s ending, Rick will feel a “sort of freedom” that comes after “losing everything,” according to Andrew.

“He’s back in,” Andrew promises, with the “thrill to fight again.”

It appears even Andrew misses the Rick he once knew. In the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7, he says it felt like he is back to the “show I knew and recognized.”

The 43-year-old actor also guaranteed that there is something really promising to happen in the finale episode. Andrew said he “dropped the script” after reading it and “started punching the air and did a little jig” because of excitement.

Photos Tease Potential Defiance?

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Meanwhile, the show has been teasing some cryptic photos on their official social media accounts to anticipate fans while waiting for the show’s return on Feb. 12.

While no one really knows what the photos mean, there are theories that the pictures somehow depict a gesture for fighting back. A do-it-yourself vibe also purportedly comes off the photos with supplies like tape and rope.

There is also a possibility of a creation of dynamite with the focal point on peanuts since its oil can be an ingredient for a dynamite recipe.

It is still over a month of waiting until The Walking Dead Season 7 airs again but it sure already looks like our waiting will be granted with more action – hopefully.

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