Here’s How NASA’s Remarkable Electroactive Bandage Accelerates Wound Healing

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Wound healing is now faster, immediate and more efficient with NASA’s polymeric bandage having an electroactive material. The technology provides preventive action against further complications and instantaneous wound care.

Science Behind PVDF

Through NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, Mia Sochi and Lisa Scott Carnell were able to create polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), a thermoplastic fluoropolymer.

This electroactive device assists the healing process of the wound. Nano-thin polymeric fibers are created in a process called electrospinning with the use of electric charge in the synthesized bandage.

It does not use external power source as the device can be stimulated with our body heat and cell growth pressure. The low-level electrical stimulation makes way for the healing of the wound and preventing it from getting an infection.

The idea of the fabrication method was based on the invention of polymeric material in Langley Research Center. What initially started as an application of Cornell and Sochi’s modification for an aircraft to adapt to its environment turned into a medical breakthrough after finding the PVDF properties.

Wound Healing Wonders

Different Cells in the Body

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Our body has a natural way of healing human flesh through keratinocytes, or healing cells, which is generated by our body’s electric properties.

With the electroactive material invented, however, this mechanism is improved only with the activation of our body temperature.

The technology offers many benefits. First of all, the healing process of the wound takes faster. There is also a combination of an active healing of the wound and its protection.

With the immediate action given, the tendency for getting an infection or further complications is lessened. Which means money will also be saved from frequent visits to the doctor.

Many can benefit from the electroactive bandage, from hospital patients that have gone under the knife to patients with serious wounds. The polymer wound healing device will also be extremely helpful to military personnel that got wounded in the battlefield and astronauts in space.

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