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Royal Navy’s Most Advanced Warship In the World Shows UK’s Firepower

new global combat ship
Photo shows the Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

Who says Britain’s coast guard-sized collection of destroyers and frigates are no match to potential superpower countries’ surface ships and nuclear subs? The Royal Navy is going full throttle in adding the most advanced warship in the world to its fleet. With the UK program to develop the Type 26 Global Combat Ship for the Royal Navy underway, the country has surely changed course from a few years back.

In Retrospect

The Royal Navy, through the years, has survived onslaughts by the Spanish Armada, the German High Seas Fleet, and the French Navy. During the later part of 2010, the Royal Navy saw its budget slashed, and after losing its only current carrier then (HMS Ark Royal) there was a concern about not having a fully operational aircraft carrier until 2036.

Fast forward to the commitments made by the government as stated in 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). Today, the UK Government’s ambitious plan to update its anti-submarine warfare ships signifies how Britain is positioning itself in the new era of maritime power. It has invested a hefty £1.9 billion in the program.

The Globally Deployable Multi-Mission Warship

A joint team of engineers from BAE Systems and UK Ministry of Defence has been working on the detailed design and support solution for the ship. The world-class Type 26 will replace the UK’s Type 23 frigates, with the first set to enter service in the 2020s and the last remaining in service beyond the middle of the century.

Type 26 Global Combat Ship is designed to deliver the full range of warfare operations, as BAE Systems posted on its official Facebook page, “It builds on the UK Royal Navy’s world-leading anti-submarine warfare capability.” Touted as the most advanced warship in the world, the Type 26 Global Combat Ship is highly adaptable to the evolving threats of the future.

The naval forces media has announced in social media that the first steel will be cut on the Royal Navy’s Type 26 ship in Glasgow in summer 2017  “subject to final contract negotiations with the UK Ministry of Defence.”

Photo Source: Facebook

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