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Scientists Found New Catalyst to Store the Power of the Sun for Future Use

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Storing renewable energy, through the power of the sun, can be possible to use later on. This paves way for a sustainable future in the energy department.

Depending on the unpredictable weather is considered one of renewable energy source’s drawbacks. That is why scientists have designed an electrolytic catalyst to store energy more efficiently.

Efficient Power Storage

Solar Energy From Power of Sun

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Renewable energy sources are hugely dependent on the weather. Solar energy needs to get the power from the sun while wind energy draws its power from the wind.

However, there are times when the weather is unforgiving for these energy sources; like during an overcast day or when the breeze is really still.

In order to store energy, the energy from the solar and wind action can be used in “electrolytic reaction” which “crack” into the hydrogen and oxygen component atoms. Meanwhile, hydrogen can be secured as a reserve fuel source.

But to make the process more efficient, scientists from the University of Toronto SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory created an electrolytic catalyst which is three times better and easier than the previous mechanism.

Gel From Three Metals

A mixture of the catalyst, which consists of iron, cobalt, and tungsten, makes it possible for maximizing action in the reaction surface. This generates oxygen three times faster than before.

The concoction is thoroughly mixed by dissolving all three into a solution which is then stored in a gel at room temperature. What increases the surface area of the catalytic reactions is the porousness of the powder from the dried gel.

University of Toronto’s Edward H. Sargent, a member of the team of scientists designing the catalyst and a professor of electrical and computer engineering, said even though there is still more room for improvement, the catalyst is “a big advance.”

They are also aiming to reduce the cost of “producing renewable hydrogen fuels” in order for it to be in the “competitive level.” Therefore, they will make “catalysts and electrolysis system” that will be “more efficient” and “cost-effective” while keeping a “high intensity in their operation.”

With this, storing the power of the sun, and other renewable energy sources can make way for a more viable future with these power storage.

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