Sly Stallone’s Jaw-Droppingly Attractive Girls Glide to the Golden Globe

Sly Stallone's Jaw-Droppingly Attractive Girls Glide to the Golden Globe
Sly Stallone’s youngest daughter during her birthday.

The three lovely young ladies in the life of a famous Hollywood actor will collectively be named Miss Golden Globe at this year’s highly anticipated red-carpet event.

During the 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony, audiences will have the chance to catch the three siblings who are like flowers in bloom. Sophia, 20, Sistine, 18, and Scarlet, 14, are the daughters of Sylvester “Sly” Stallone of Rocky fame.

The Expendables actor, who shot to fame portraying a boxer getting beaten up in the ring, is mighty proud of his three daughters, all of whom are attractive. The lovely trio will split awarding chores at the esteemed annual Golden Globe ceremony and get their own chance to be on the Hollywood radar.

Each gets to become Miss Golden Globe, getting perks such as meeting Jimmy Fallon or getting selfies taken with Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling.

Chips Off the Old Rock

Stallone, 70, has exhibited fatherly pride by constantly posting on Instagram and Twitter his daughters’ admirable traits. The eldest, Sophia, studies at the University of South Carolina where she is communications major.

She has set her sights on becoming an entrepreneur, specifically running her own fashion and makeup line. Of the three, Sistine, 18, has had the most exposure – being on the cover of  Town & Country and strutting the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana.

The youngest, Scarlet, is perhaps the most athletically inclined. Her dad calls her “The Flash” for her track-and-field activities at St. Paul the Apostle School in Westwood.

Antithetically, the sisters admit that during their younger years, they were not even thinking of their dad as “cool”  or that his Rocky movies were much of landmark films. They were amazed when they joined him at the Awards night last year.

Full Support for Dad

The siblings, with their dad and mom model Jennifer Flavin, were in full force last year to support Stallone in his bid for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Creed (for which he won) – and the sisters were noticed by Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Lorenzo Soria. The HFPA conducts the Golden Globe Awards every January in Los Angeles.

The three were then offered Miss Golden Globe duties, the first time for three persons – let alone three sisters — to be given such an opportunity. Being a Miss Golden Globe is certainly career-boosting. For the Stallone sisters, it may be a jump-off point to exploring the universe – or at the very least, the numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry.

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