Quantum Computers That Will Revolutionize the Way Humans Solve Problems Coming

.Quantum Computers That Will Revolutionize the Way Humans Solve Problems Coming
Photograph of a chip constructed by D-Wave Systems Inc. designed to operate as a 128-qubit superconducting adiabatic quantum optimization processor, mounted in a sample holder.

Don’t look now, but practical quantum computers, radically simplified and ready to create new materials, medicines, and present solutions to long-running problems, may be at hand.

A study conducted by a team of scientists at the University of Sussex, led by Professor Winfried Hensinger, revealed how it was possible to create quantum computers that are practical in terms of usage.

Such innovations have not come out sooner owing to the huge cost they entail. Nonetheless, the scientists devised a simple method where voltages were applied to a quantum computer microchip (sans the need for billions of precisely aligned laser beams) – to the same effect.

A Huge Step Forward

If scalable, the method is a big step forward on the path to usable quantum computers, which would have processing power way beyond the current range of powerful supercomputers. Instead of using lasers to align ions, the Sussex team applied voltages to a quantum computer chip to produce the same results with a reportedly low error rate.

The study findings were published in the journal Physical Review Letters.  Practical quantum computers are certainly tomorrow’s tools. They enable humans to efficiently perform tasks that would take the most powerful supercomputers in existence today years to calculate. The processing power inherent in such innovations make them the perfect tool for solving many of the complex problems of mankind.

The modern-day challenges that people often encounter — be it medicine, finance, science, or other concerns, can be addressed as usable quantum computers open up new possibilities unimagined before.  Though non-tech-savvy people may dismiss quantum computing as gobbledegook, it will immensely help them carry out tasks quickly and with greater ease. Apart from scientists, doctors and big businessmen, quantum computers – by augmenting human intelligence — can aid a whole lot more.

Current technology may evolve into something resembling intuition that allows people to readily sense when something is wrong even if they cannot point yet exactly why.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

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