Andrew Garfield Locked Lips With Stephen Colbert After Explaining Kiss With Ryan Reynolds

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Andrew Garfield Locked Lips With Stephen Colbert After Explaining Kiss With Ryan Reynolds
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There is a lot of kissing happening with Andrew Garfield lately. While explaining the kiss behind a certain Deadpool actor, Andrew then proceeded to lock lips with another man.

During Golden Globes, Andrew and Ryan Reynolds caught the spotlight while being in the background. When another Ryan, in the form of Gosling, went up the stage to claim his Best Actor award in the Musical or Comedy category, Andrew and Ryan (the Reynolds one) were seen locking lips.

To explain what transpired, the 33-year-old actor explained to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show the reason behind the kiss. And then another man-to-man kiss ensued.

Bromance Smooch

When Stephen asked the Hacksaw Ridge actor about the kiss, Andrew Garfield said he wanted Ryan Reynolds, who lost to Ryan Gosling in the Best Actor category, to know he “loved him no matter he won or lost.”

What matters, according to Andrew, is “how you play the game” and that he “showed up.” Andrew adds that the Criminal actor “gave his all.” So long story short, the smooch was Andrew’s consolation for Ryan’s loss.

Stephen then pointed out not everyone is comfortable with kissing men, while he, meanwhile, is “totally comfortable.” Andrew got the hint and leaned in to lock lips with Stephen much to the screams of the thrilled audience.

Story of Silence

The actor was on the show to promote his movie Silence where he stars with Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, Ciarán Hinds and more. The epic historical drama centers on the story of Jesuit priests who traveled from Portugal to Japan looking for their missing mentor while spreading Catholicism in the 17th century.

The actor talked about how he had to lose 40 pounds for his role as Father Sebastião Rodrigues. While the Andrew Garfield admits fasting is a “spiritual process” of emptying the body to let the spirit enter, the actor confesses it was “brutal.”


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