Drake Showers J. Lo With Lavish Presents

Drake Showers J. Lo With Lavish Presents
PHOTOGRAPH: Jennifer Lopez | Photo shows Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the celebrities who welcomed the new year with a big dose of glamor – and love. Rapper Drake, 30, was deadset on making his childhood crush, J. Lo, 47, happy with a barrage of gifts.

At Drake’s New Year’s Eve concert at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, Jennifer was seen wearing a platinum and diamond Tiffany & Co. Victoria necklace. It turned out the accessory, nearly 16 carats and worth $100,000, was a gift from the rapper himself.

It has only been weeks since J. Lo and Drake met in Planet Hollywood in Vegas, where the sultry singer was doing some shows. Coincidentally, Las Vegas has a special place in Lopez’s heart. She saw the show in Las Vegas as being more intimate than arena shows. It gave people the chance to get to know her.

A Magical Holiday

“Getting to know each other a little too well” was certainly what transpired between Drake and J.Lo Last December 29. Drake spent a hefty amount to turn a Los Angeles church into a winter wonderland-themed venue after he found out J.Lo never attended her prom.

Lopez, who has two sisters, grew up in the Bronx with a father who worked nights and a mother who taught kindergarten and sold Tupperware. Sweet as he was, he wanted very much for her to have that experience. With Lopez’s best friend Leah Remini, Drake and Lopez were crowned prom king and queen in a little ceremony.

What Drake Has to Remember About J.Lo

A friend of Drake revealed that J.Lo is the rapper’s childhood crush, so all the gift-giving, for him, may stem from living out a childhood fantasy. For her part, J. Lo is well aware that being a working mom to eight-year-old twins Max and Emme involves responsibilities.

The pop culture icon known for her jaw-dropping sexy outfits when performing has had her share of disappointing high-profile relationships, ascribing them to naïve notions about love. She claims to have waited for Prince Charming and realized she could be strong by herself.

Jennifer’s posted snaps with the American Music Awards Favorite Artist for Rap/Hiphop on Instagram have been met with mixed reactions from followers who considered them a mismatch. Nonetheless, J. Lo’s other followers wrote that “as long as they are happy” then that is all that matters. It can be recalled that Taylor Swift’s fans likewise considered the Bad Blood singer and Drake an odd match.

 The Rapper and the Dancer

Maybe the rapper who popularized Hometown Bling can be J.LO’s Prince Charming, still.  She can dance to Drake’s songs, but at the moment, she has executive-produced a new dance competition show on NBC called World of Dance, where she will also be one of the judges. With a grand prize of $1million, the show will feature all kinds of dance acts, from soloists to groups.


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