Finding Security in God Saves Us During Life’s Dry Seasons

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Finding Security in God Saves Us During Life's Dry Seasons

Each day, we worry about many things that include our responsibilities. But if we only take a moment to pause and trust our faith, we will eventually find security in God.

In order to live, we have a number of obligations to meet – money for rent, bills, food, supplies and more. As we begin to stand up for ourselves independently, we are thrown all these things to keep in mind that it becomes hard to juggle everything.

When times are especially rough, we eventually become too exhausted until we question everything. From wondering what is the reason behind the suffering, to why it is you, out of all people in the world, who has to go through this dilemma.

Life coach Dani Johnson shares on her website the same struggles she had also experienced. And in time, she realized the true lesson on how to get past through our life’s dry seasons.

Delivered By Ravens

The story of the prophet Elijah is an inspiring one to keep in mind. When God punished the land with drought as a consequence for the evil king Ahab’s doings, God instructs Elijah to hide near the brook of Cherith.

Without hesitations, he followed the Lord’s instructions and lived by the brook Cherith while trusting his security in God. Like what God promised, he was provided with food delivered by ravens. Because of Elijah’s obedience, he survived, along with a woman and her son, the drought, and famine suffered in all of the lands.

The Lord’s Fulfillment

Life is not always rainbows and sunshine, and part of life is some duties to be fulfilled. But when we always worry and stress about our hardships, the only thing it does is closing our doors to God.

We should trust that God is the ultimate provider. That is why we should walk in His fellowship and be open to His will as only the Lord can fulfill our needs.

The Lord’s mercy to us never runs out. And finding security in God, along with our efforts and hard work, will allow us more room for receiving His abundant blessings.

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