Going Back to Basics in Finding the Elusive Happiness

Going Back to Basics in Finding the Elusive Happiness
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Many people go through life searching high and low for a measure of happiness, satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment. Author-entrepreneur Dani Johnson notes that happiness has become an endless pursuit.

Whichever way you turn, you are bound to find people who have spent many years of their lives searching for meaning and satisfaction. While lots of individuals, as their social media posts show, claim they are very happy, many of these claims tend to be on the superficial level, or are self-validating.

Indeed, happiness has become “a modern obsession.” The big question is, when have you really felt happy and fulfilled? Dani maintains that “ if you look around, you’ll see a world full of people constantly searching for satisfaction… but never quite finding it.” It may be that they are searching in the wrong places, or even looking for the wrong things.

The Best Sources

The best sources of inspiration and happiness may be right in front of you, you are probably just so preoccupied looking elsewhere to notice them – family, true friends, supportive mentors, and so on. Even the job that eats up a lot of time, which is time away from family, can change from something you hate – to something you love.

Dani, whose uncanny ability to come up with fast-acting solutions for crippling problems has earned her guest appearances on a slew of popular television shows that include The Oprah Winfrey Show, says that what people focus on, they can get more of. “Focus on doing your absolute best everyday,” Dani Johnson advises.

Real satisfaction, though, does not come from finding the perfect job in your preferred industry. Apart from the fact that man is, by nature insatiable, true satisfaction comes from rendering your 100 percent to something, or working with excellence and diligence.

Dani has noted how most young people nowadays tend to be brimming with energy but spread themselves thin.  She commends the current generation’s innermost desire to derive satisfaction from their work and “make the world a better place” while following their passions.

Yet upon closer look, happiness often eludes the young ones. Many young people today tend to be worry warts and whiners. For those who do feel fulfilled in some way, oftentimes it comes from learning new life skills along the way. Somehow, it makes it easier to feel happier. Thinking happy thoughts lush with meaning, and breathing gratitude can also enormously help.

Learning From Others

Just about everyone can learn “nuggets of wisdom” from more experienced people who have hurdled challenges. James Altucher, author of the book Reinvent Yourself, said that “complaining only takes away energy” from the present day and rarely, if ever, solves tomorrow’s problems.

He also noted that in the contemporary age, individuals can benefit from casting their sights on being with people, or being where, they can find “the greatest encouragement, the greatest knowledge, the greatest joys and friendships.” James tweeted, “These are the viruses you want to infect you.”

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