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India Finishes Largest Solar Plant in the World To Power 150,000 Homes

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India Finishes Largest Solar Plant in the World To Power 150,000 Homes

A fossil-fuel free future is now more feasible than ever. With India having unveiled the largest solar plant in the world, it is only proven that a sustainable energy source is achievable.

An array of 2.5 million individual solar panels in a lot with around 10.36 square kilometers (4 square miles) by India’s Kamuthi Solar Power Project is estimated to power over 150,000 homes. This facility easily places India as the world’s third largest solar market, next to China and USA, onwards from this year.

Far-Reaching Solar Panels


Solar Plant in India

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Located in Kamuthi in Tamil Nadu, our planet’s largest solar plant adds 648 megawatts to India’s current energy capacity. This is indeed a great milestone for the country’s initiative effort for making use of sustainable energy. Moreover, construction of the large facility only took eight months.

They will not stop there, though, because, by 2020, India aims to extend their reach of powering 60 million homes. India’s government intends to generate up to 40 percent of their power source on the non-fossil fuel source.

Future Free of Fossil Fuels

Global efforts from many countries are tapping on getting their energy from a sustainable source. Starting from minimizing the use of fossil fuels, the possibility of one day eliminating them altogether is the goal and dream of many countries like India.

Using the power of the sun as a renewable energy is popular because it is readily available and powerful. Through solar panels, UK was even able to generate more solar energy than from coal.

Meanwhile, it is wind energy for Spain. They were already able to power 29 million homes. The next stop would be to produce 100 percent of their electricity needs with wind energy.

Additionally, Chile is giving away electricity for free since they have produced so much solar energy already. They were able to achieve this with 29 solar farms with an additional 15 underway.

With India’s largest solar plant in the world, initiatives for having a renewable energy source is a positive step for a collective effort of saving our environment.

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