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‘Outlander’ Season 3: Diana Gabaldon Spills Cast and Crew Sacrificed Christmas Break to Film the Series

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'Outlander' Season 3: Diana Gabaldon Spills Cast and Crew Sacrificed Christmas Break to Film the Series
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Diana Gabaldon reveals the cast and production team of the hit time-travelling TV series sacrificed their Christmas holidays for Outlander Season 3. Everyone is in hard work to finish the show on time.

In an interview with Herald Scotland, Diana Gabaldon, author of the best-selling novel series where the show is based from, shares some updates on Outlander’s production. Avid viewers need not worry as filming is right on schedule, which means Season 3 will definitely return to our screens sometime this year.

Collective Hard Work

According to the Gabaldon, the cast and crew have already finished halfway through six out of 13 episodes for Outlander Season 3. There were able to do so, on time, despite a little “out of order” to make way for one actresses’ schedule that is why they have already filmed the eighth episode.

Only six and a half episodes are left to be filmed which, on schedule, is “just about where they should be,” says Gabaldon.

The 64-year-old author also spills that everyone is working as hard as they can to move quickly. In fact, the team only got two weeks of Christmas break, which is the only break they get for a year, from the usual six weeks just to accommodate the filming.

An update for the filming location by Gabaldon, who works closely with the TV team, revealed they will move from their “Scottish base” to South Africa around springtime. This will be for the shoot of a scene set on a Caribbean ship.

More Waiting, Still

One of the things many fans are looking forward to is the reunion of the time travel-afflicted lovers who are separated for 20 long years. But Caitriona Balfe, the actress behind Claire, promises the meeting of the two will be “really beautiful.”

Based on the third book of Diana Gabaldon’s novel series, Gabaldon and the showrunner have kept quiet on when will really the show air again on Starz. One thing is for sure, though. A lot of gripping and never-before-seen scenes are in store for Outlander Season 3.

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