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Samsung is Granted Patent For Futuristic Bendable Smartphones

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Samsung is Granted Patent For Futuristic Bendable Smartphones
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The mobile phones of the future are, as expected, going to be even more tech-forward. One brand to watch out for is the upcoming Samsung smartphones that are granted a patent for a flexible electronic device.

Bendable phones seem to be the next trend to keep an eye for. Samsung filed a patent application for the flexible electronic device on April which was approved by the Korean Intellectual Property Office in November.

Samsung Granted A Patent

The South Korean tech giant first hinted its fascination towards a bendable phone during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2013. They showcased a mockup device with a pliable YOUM monitor.

Now Samsung has successfully integrated the concept with the curved edge of their Galaxy Edge smartphones. However, the tech titan will not stop there.

In their approved patent, Samsung is designing a flip phone with an OLED screen that can be folded midway or fully. This will bring back memories from the famous Motorola Razr as the futuristic Samsung smartphones will sport a secondary screen on the outer side of the phone that turns on when it is closed.

Bending Electronic Devices

Big smartphone brands are also tapping on the notion of a bendable device. Other big names include Apple and Lenovo.

Bendgate issues faced by iPhone users with the iPhone 6 Plus will be addressed sooner or later. The fear of the pricey phone breaking will soon be eased as Apple also filed a patent for creating iPhones that can bend on purpose. The phone’s circuitry will not be compromised as the future iPhone will use carbon nanotube circuits.

Meanwhile, Lenovo revealed two concept designs for electronic devices that are bendable. One is for a tablet while the other is a smartphone, officially called CPlus, which can be worn on the users’ wrist like a watch.

Ultimately, the idea of a flexible smartphone is definitely looming in the near future. It is only a matter of time when techies can be seen sporting their bendable Samsung smartphones and whatnot.


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