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Facebook Devises Filtering Tool to Address Fake News Problem and They’re Releasing It Now in Germany

Facebook Devises Filtering Tool to Address Fake News Problem
PHOTOGRAPH: Intel Free Press | Facebook engineer Joshua Crass holds up a server board he and his team installed at the new data center. The exact number of dual-socket boards is proprietary, but it’s “many tens of thousands.”

If you are among those tired of stumbling into social media news that turns out to be fake, you may feel relieved that Facebook has devised a fake news problem filtering tool. The service will initially be rolled out in Germany.

The Financial Times tweeted the news that landed on the front page of its international edition along with an image of the report bearing the headline that the news filter service intends to “foil election hoaxes.” German users of the popular social network who report certain news items appearing on the site as “fake” will be sent to the third-party fact checker Correctiv.

News confirmed as `fake’ or unreliable, it will then be flagged as “disputed” and de-prioritized in Facebook‘s news feed algorithm. That means lesser people will get to see the story in their feed.

The Crackdown on Fake News

The filtering system comes at a time when a crackdown on fake news has become imperative. Germany has been facing its own “fake news” problem. One report that went viral stated that Germany’s oldest church was set on fire.

Germany’s ranking officials had issued warnings to internet companies, including Facebook, that they will file charges for libelous and slanderous statements if all the “fake” news circulated on their platforms are not curbed.  The social media organization revealed that it has been in talks with German media groups in an attempt to onboard more partners.

The circulation of false news stories appears to be a universal problem. It has also been one of the heated points of debate in the United States.  A story had appeared that the Pope had endorsed President-elect Donald Trump prior to the elections.

Certain media entities reported the deaths of numerous celebrities in the past year. Even Donald Trump was victimized by death hoax reports.  Facebook disclosed that it is conducting tests for the fake news filter to be adopted in other countries, including the United States.


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