Apple Music Hops in On James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’

PHOTOGRAPH: James Corden | James Corden said, “YOU, me & a few of your friends are going to do the BEST Carpool Karaoke ever.”

As if music enthusiasts could be any more obsessed with the A-list celebrity guests featured in Carpool Karaoke that resonated with global audiences, The Late Late Show host  James Corden just expanded his bit into a  half-hour standalone series that will stream on Apple Music.  It is a first for the portal.

Anything in excess may backfire. Corden is aware that the bit is best used sparingly. Hence, the series will consist only of 16 half-hours. Approaching Apple Music with the show concept was deemed perfect since the producers did not want to deviate much from the focus on celebrating music.

Executive producers Eric Pankowski, Ben Winston, and Corden revealed that the series will not have a single host in the drivers’ seat.  Instead, there will be a different host for every episode.

Some of the Pairings to Watch Out For

Corden, who originated the segment on the late-night television series, could not contain his excitement about the pairings he and his fellow EPs have put together. Those pairings cover traditional musical choices like John Legend with Alicia Keys and Seth MacFarlane with Ariana Grande, as well as more outside-the-box choices like Billy Eichner in the passenger seat, flanked by the Metallica band members.

Also to be featured are Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton; Will Smith and no other than Corden. The big question is whether people will be enticed to watch and go along for a Carpool Karaoke ride without Corden behind the steering wheel. The reason there will be different hosts is because the series makers did not want to replicate the existing Carpool Karaoke, noting that it would be “silly” to do that.

As part of The Late Late Show, Carpool Karaoke featured Corden with a hugely popular recording artist. The new Apple series will have two pairings; an interview series over a half-hour. The pairs will be getting out of the car.


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