James Cameron Documentary Series to Explore How Science Fiction Fearlessly Asks the ‘Big Questions’

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James Cameron Documentary Series to Explore How Science Fiction Fearlessly Asks the 'Big Questions'
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The James Cameron documentary series is greenlighted by AMC. It will explore the roots of the science fiction genre and where it will eventually lead humanity.

James Cameron has been a staple name for sci-fi movies. Some of the generations’ most notable films in the genre are, in fact, his. From a movie exploring the malevolence of technology in The Terminator to learning the gifts of nature in Avatar and even exploring space and extraterrestrial life in Alien, Cameron has time and time again tapped on the giant What If.

Exploring The “Big Questions”

During AMC’s TCA presentation, it is announced that the docu-series by James Cameron is approved. The series will comprise of six one-hour episodes and is set to air in 2018.

In James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, each episode will exactly delve into the “Big Questions” of humanity. This will be in tuned with the birth of the science fiction genre for TV shows, films, novels and video games.

Cameron and his contemporaries will reportedly be in a discussion of the movies and novels that influenced them. And eventually, they will probe into where both the genre and humanity are heading to.

Roots and Influences of Sci-Fi

When the filmmaker announced his James Cameron documentary series, he talked about how he watched 2001: A Space Odyssey numerous times and read many books about spaceships. While he enjoyed the special effects, he says what really lured him was “the ideas and the questions behind them.”

He adds that sci-fi has never been afraid to ask questions, from how the world will end to how technology will destroy us. In the series, Cameron shares that they will go back to “the origins of sci-fi.”

Cameron also reveals how his being a “filmmaker who specializes in science fiction” will come into play. And what is more to explore in the James Cameron documentary series is how “science fiction imitates and sometimes informs science.”


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