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This Space Elevator Concept Materials For Cheaper Space Travel Is Expected to Be Complete By 2030

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This Space Elevator Concept For Cheaper Space Travel Suggest Feasibility by 2030
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A new space elevator concept supports the technology is actually feasible. In fact, it is expected that by 2030, the materials needed to build space elevators will be completed.

Space travel does not come cheap. However, a study published in New Space proposed a concept for creating a material that would pave way for a “low-cost access to space.”

Future of Space Travel

The space elevator concept by SouthWest Analytic Network’s Cathy W. Swan, International Space Elevator Consortium’s Peter A. Swan and John M. Knapman, and European Space Agency (ESA) scientist David I. Raitt needs one key material: an ultra-strong and flexible rope. And as of now, we do not have this material yet.

But according to the study, the equipment that needs a “100,000 km rope” will be made by 2030. Additionally, the researchers think building space elevators will more or less be viable around the same timeframe.

If the concept actually comes to life, this will provide a less expensive way than what we currently have for space travel. This will also allow launching satellites, space crafts and people into space using a cheaper method.

The team of researchers also add that both commercial and government space missions will be more doable with space elevators. The potential of creating space colonies and sourcing supplies and materials from space would allegedly be more attainable as well.

Feasible, But Not Easy

The idea of space elevators has been floating around for a long time already, and many science fictions have tapped on the concept. As a matter of fact, scientists and researchers have been trying to make something out of the idea since 1895.

Meanwhile, building a space elevator has never been done before. And while it is feasible, the process of making it is really really challenging.

Still, with how advanced technological breakthroughs have come to date, the space elevator concept might not be that far from reality anymore. With the right technology and materials, eventually creating this revolutionary tech can give way to many possibilities of a new age for space travel.


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