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A JARVIS AI System for Windows 10 Is Being Developed In Microsoft’s Lab

Iron Man/Tony Stark’s JARVIS resonated with so many people it has spawned several modern-day artificial intelligence JARVIS innovations. One of these is a highly advanced personal digital assistant also called JARVIS or Just a Rather Very Intelligent System from Microsoft.

The very intuitive personal digital assistant will be available as smartphone application. When users download Microsoft 10 on their devices, it will be like getting a new JARVIS (think of how Tony Stark’s AI JARVIS was replaced and later on revived in Avengers: Age of Ultron) with more state-of-the-art features and with a browser that is fast, comfortable, and convenient.

A Digital Guardian & Helper

A human personal assistant can carry out tasks and remind individuals of things they need to do (or avoid) during their waking hours. Microsoft’s personal digital assistant, in similar manner, assists the user in a number of ways.

It can generate warning messages when the user types something showing a tendency to engage in unfavorable activities, like overspending, or sending an inappropriate message to a boss or colleague. The digital assistant can suggest better ways to phrase messages. To determine a holistic view of user’s mental state, some of the parameters used are the explicitly provided user input reflecting the emotional or mental state, the user’s speed of movement, temperature, heart rate, among others.

Investments on AI

In other news, Microsoft Corp. is reportedly funding a Montreal startup co-founded by Yoshua Bengio, a renowned artificial intelligence expert.  Indeed, technology firms are ensuring that societies are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of technological growth in the years ahead.

Joint AI projects may also continue way into the future, as technology heads cast an approving look at the initiatives of other key industry players.  American software engineer Eric Schmidt tweeted “Kudos to Yoshua Bengio for encouraging machine learning startups in Montreal.”

In other parts of the world, startups are leading the way in creating JARVIS-like innovations using AI-equipped operating system. One of these is AiroCorp., co-founded by Chiragh Dewan and Himanshu Vaishnav.


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