Here’s What Rain and Kim Tae-Hee Are Planning Right Now

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Rain and Kim Tae-Hee Ties the Know While Fans Flocked Wedding Venue
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Rain and Kim Tae-Hee are officially tying the knot a few days after the South Korean singer-songwriter confirmed their wedding. Fans, meanwhile, have swarmed the venue of where the ceremony is being held.

After Rain confirmed his wedding with Tae-Hee, many fans of the two have been curious on more details of what is dubbed by fans as the celebrity wedding of the year in South Korea. News spread around, however, where fans and reporters found their way to where the ceremony is being held in a Catholic church in Seoul.

The event is still being held privately though despite the flock of people outside the church. There are also security guards surrounding the facility and guarding all entrances to make sure only the invited guests can come in. Meanwhile, fans need not worry as both Rain and Kim Tae-Hee’s agencies spilled that they will release photos of the wedding after the ceremony has ended.

Rain Announced Wedding A Few Days Ago

Rain first announced the wedding on his Instagram profile with a handwritten letter on Jan. 17. He cleared the air after the news leaked out but was denied by both of their agencies.

In a translation provided by Koreaboo, the actor gave a heart-warming message for his fans. Rain voiced his own desire to become the “head of a household as a husband and as a man,” just like how his fans have grown to become mothers as well throughout the 16 years of his career since he debuted.

Rain also spoke sweetly of his wife-to-be on how she has been there for him during his “hardest and happiest times.” Regarding their wedding, the 34-year-old singer says it is going to be “private and quiet” since Korea is experiencing hardships both emotionally and financially. He then thanked his fans and ended the letter by saying, “To me, she is the best present.”

Rain and Kim Tae-Hee first met and started dating during a shoot for their commercial film in 2012. Rain was also baptized in a Catholic church soon after dating Tae-Hee.


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