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This Life-Like Robotic Hand Project Functions A Lot Like Our Very Own Hands

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A robotic hand project created by a group of researchers is debatably the most human-like robotic hands ever made. This development closes the gap into a revolutionary limb regeneration and neuroprosthetics in the near future.

Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle were able to design and build what is arguably the most realistic robotic hands with the functionality of human hands. These robotic hands were said to effectively imitate the human hand’s joint kinematics and tendon networks.

Biomimetic Anthropomorphic Robotic Hands

The structure of the robotic hand project used 3D-printed “bones” from human hand skeleton. They are then connected to artificial joints and tendons made of Spectra strings. Meanwhile, the muscles are recreated through 10 Dynamixel sensors located below the hand to control the movement.

While robotic hands are able to move through programming, what makes the biomimetic hands by Zhe Xu and Emanuel Todorov highly functional is its structure. Because of its construction, the robotic hands are able to mimic the human hand movement effectively, like being able to grasp challenging objects such as credit card, a dollar bill, cell phone and more.

Helpful Applications Someday

Previously, functionality and form of robot hands do not always go together. You get one while you most likely lose another. But the biomimetic robotic hands are not Terminator-looking and instead very life-like and proficient.

Meanwhile, the researchers also suggested in their study how further research of their hand design can be used as a basis for studies of human limb regeneration and grafting of lab-grown cells. They also voiced their plans to collaborate with biology and tissue engineering researchers for exploring the design’s potential in neuroprosthetics and limb regeneration.

The robotic hand project is undoubtedly a promising design that could help reinvigorate wounded soldiers and get their life back from the battlefield. Moreover, there are many applications of the tech to delve into in the fields of biology, tissue engineering and more.


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