A New Tire Scanner Tool Was Invented And It Can Help Stop Road Accidents

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This Tire Scanner Tool Conveniently Scans Tire Tread While on the Go for Road Safety
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SnapSkan is the new technology with a tire scanner tool to measure your tire tread depth quickly and effortlessly. With this revolutionary tech, more accidents on the road can be prevented by paying attention to one’s car tires in a hassle-free way.

Nokian Tyres partnered with Vianor, a tire and car service chain, to introduce the birth of SnapSkan. It is equipped with a top-class 3D technology that measures tire treads even while the driver is on the go.

Convenient Tire Scanner Tool

The SnapSkan service is a drive-over scanner that can identify the vehicle through its registration number while measuring its tire treads. After scanning the car, the driver can breezily choose what method he/she would like to receive the tire report – whether it be through email or a text message which is both free of charge.

Moreover, there will be no need to install additional equipment to the vehicle. And there will be no discrimination as well since the service will be available to everyone no matter their tire manufacturer. Meanwhile, locations of the Snapskan service will be available in many daily routes, such as parks.

According to the Ari Lehtoranta, Nokian Tyres president and CEO, the tire sector has been left behind when it comes to “digitalization.” With the latest advancements of today, Lehtoranta says there is a need for a “bold forerunner” in that sector, and that is where they come in.

Awareness of Road Safety

A tire’s tread depth has been the cause of 25% of tire-related accidents on the road based on studies. This proves how a driver’s knowledge when it comes to his/her tire’s condition is critical as good tires can easily leave enough room for the motorists to maneuver in snappy situations.

The head of Vianor’s Retail Business Area says they aim to use the technology to “raise drivers’ awareness” regarding their tires’ condition in the most accessible way possible. And with the tire scanner tool, road safety will indeed be addressed in a really convenient and effortless way.


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