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Donald Trump Appoints Ajit Pai New FCC Head Who Might Dismantle Net Neutrality

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Donald Trump Appoints Ajit Pai New FCC Head Who Might Dismantle Net Neutrality
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Ajit Pai was announced to be the new FCC head after being chosen by U.S. President Donald Trump. As the new chairman, Pai is expected to bring with him many changes in his position and possibly on how the internet works in the U.S. with his opposition to net neutrality.

The Federal Communications Commission is an independent U.S. government agency that is overseen by the Congress. This agency administers the international and interstate communications in the 50 states. And now, Pai will be replacing the outgoing Tom Wheeler in heading the regulatory agency.

New FCC Head Announced

Since Pai has been an FCC commissioner since 2012 after being appointed by then-President Barrack Obama, there will no longer be a congressional approval needed. It is worth noting that even though he was appointed by Obama during his term, it was most likely out of the tradition of giving two out of five FCC seats to the minority party.

In fact, their views have rarely met eye to eye. For the past years, the former Verizon lawyer and Justice Department employee has outspokenly voiced his oppositions on the many reforms of the agency.

Destroy Net Neutrality?

Ajit Pai has made it clear that one of his top priorities would be dismantling net neutrality, like its rules of preventing pay-for-priority access. In a letter, Pai reveals he will revisit the “Title II” as soon as he can.

He also said during the Free State Foundation event that when the “Title II order was adopted,” he knew that “its days are numbered.” With the current turn of events, he admits he is now “more confident” of his prediction coming true.

Still, changing the rules of the previous administration’s work will not be done so easily. Normal proceedings, hearings, and public comment that takes months will have to happen first.

But ultimately, the appointment of the new FCC head Ajit Pai signals major changes. He will stay through the year 2017 and after which, the Senate will have to reconfirm whether he will be kept for five additional years in the position.


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