Donald Trump Inauguration Speech Tops Live Video Streaming Records

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Donald Trump Inauguration Speech Tops Live Video Streaming Records
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The airing of the Donald Trump inauguration speech allegedly broke the records for live-streaming. According to an analysis of the live video data, viewers from both camps tuned in to watch the 45th U.S. President’s inauguration.

Akamai, one of the world’s largest content delivery network (CDN) service providers, provided the data of the viewership rating. The record-breaking insight of the network is considered significant as they have some of the world’s biggest broadcasters using their live-streaming service.

Big Numbers For Inauguration Views

Their analysis shows the Donald Trump inauguration speech moment garnered a peak of 8.7 Tbps at 12:04 ET which is a rise from the opening of the inaugural oath’s 7.9 Tbps. This record also surpasses the previous highest record of 7.5 Tbps during the Election Day last Nov. 8, 2016.

When compared to the recent events, the inauguration still comes on top with 4.6 million viewers at its peak. The other events are notably the 2016 Euro soccer final tournament with 7.3 Tbps and Rio women’s team gymnastics final with 4.5 Tbps.

To give the event a more historic contrast, Akamai also compared it with the 2009 inauguration’s 1.1 Tbps and the 2011 royal wedding’s 1.3 Tbps. However, it is worth noting that President Trump’s popularity is not the only factor affecting the numbers.

Rise of Video Streaming Era

Throughout the years, live streaming has drastically changed. There is now HD video streaming along with a demand for higher bitrates, and with that, an increase of live video viewers.

That is why comparing the previous inauguration to this year’s would not be a reasonable comparison as video streaming was not as widespread as before. There are also factors to be considered like the time of day when the event was held.

Since the inauguration happened during mid-day, more people are more likely tuning into the event at work on their computers or mobile devices. Meanwhile, the Election Day’s streaming views peaked at night yet many are already at home which allows people to view the event on their TVs.

As what Akamai’s executive vice president and general manager of media Bill Wheaton said, the rise of live video consumption has indeed significantly grown. Still, the newsworthiness of hearing the President Donald Trump inauguration speech is something worth witnessing for many citizens.


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