Jung Joon Young Returns to ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ Much to the Members’ Pleasant Surprise

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Jung Joon Young Returns to '2 Days & 1 Night' Much to the Members' Pleasant Surprise

The six members of 2 Days & 1 Night is finally reunited and complete once again as Jung Joon Young returns to the hit South Korean variety show. Joon Young’s comeback also brought with him a soaring viewership rating.

In the latest episodes of 1N2D that garnered 20.3 percent viewership rating, Joon Young and the rest of the members Kim Jong Min, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Joon Ho, Defconn, and Yoon Shi Yoon have reunited again. However, the road to the reunion is not easy, especially for Joon Young who literally had to climb up and down South Korea’s second tallest mountain Jirisan.

Remember Each Member

The reunion involved a challenge, unbeknownst to the members, of having to mention Jung Joon Young’s name 30 times – a number the members picked while its significance was concealed by the staff. Without having any idea of Joon Young’s return, they were only able to talk about him nine times throughout the day.

It was during the usual “dinner game” where another task, called Say My Name, was given by the staff. While the five members were blindfolded, they were able to touch Joon Young’s face and have to guess who it is.

Kim Joon Ho was able to mention Joon Young, along with Tae Hyun and Shi Yoon who wrote down Joon Young’s name. Shi Yoon even admitted how he missed Joon Young and that he wish Joon Young would come out.

And it did happen. The usual chaos of the members was still very much present yet this time, it was filled with pure joy for having their youngest member back on the group.

In a formal greeting by Joon Young, he says he had missed 2 Days & 1 Night “all this time.” He also promises he will “work hard not to let the audience down from now on.”

Jung Joon Young’s Hiatus

The singer went on a hiatus from the show and reportedly went to Paris after he was acquitted over a scandal controversy. His ex-girlfriend sued him for sexual harassment over filming their intimate acts allegedly without her consent.

However, the case was later on dropped and turned out to only be a case of misunderstanding. In fact, the woman released a statement apologizing for how the situation blew out of proportion which, she says, “something that could have been worked out through a conversation.”

Regarding the alleged video, the woman says the video in question circulating on social media reports “does not exist” and “never has.” What it actually was is a two-second video that was deleted immediately on the day it was taken.

She also said Joon Young is a “good, kind man” proving that any misunderstanding between the two has already been sorted out. The woman also apologized to everyone that was hurt over what transpired.

Despite this, Joon Young still had to leave all his projects in Korea and flew abroad where he said he enjoyed some free time while also working on his music. But like many fresh starts that come with the new year, Jung Joon Young is finally back home to his 2 Days & Night family.


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