New Wolverine Film ‘Logan’ Comes Out Darker With Mysterious and Deadly Character

New Wolverine Film `Logan' Comes Out Darker With Mysterious and Deadly Character
PHOTOGRAPH: Hugh Jackman | Photo shows Hugh Jackman and English-Spanish child actress Dafne Keen in `Logan.’

“She’s like you, very much like you,” Patrick Stewart, reprising the role of Professor Charles Xavier, tells Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the trailer of Logan.  Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox are all set to wrap up the Wolverine series of films  — with a bang instead of a whimper, and is introducing a mysterious and deadly character.

Jackman reportedly agreed to a pay cut so that the studio would not seek a PG-13 rating. Logan is now categorized as Rated-R.

The trailer is masterfully done. It features a grimy-shirted young girl caught stealing a can of Pringles. It turns out she is super strong and manhandles the store clerk before Logan (Wolverine) intervenes.

If the trailer is any indication, the rest of the movie promises to be violent, even with the presence of the mysterious pre-teen girl named Laura Kinney, whom Logan himself has scant knowledge of. It is only later in the movie that the true identity and nature of the girl is revealed.

Who’s That Girl?

The young girl featured in Logan is probably X-23, who first appeared in X-Men: The Animated Series, as well as in the comics. She is played by n English-Spanish child actress Dafne Keen, about whom, just like her character, little is known except that she had previously appeared in the eight-part miniseries, The Refugees.

Everything in the movie points to the end of the Wolverine solo film series: Logan’s healing factor has faded in effectiveness, and Professor Xavier is frail. Finally, a much-needed injection of youth in the person of Keen is a clear signal for a spin-off movie of her character.

The upcoming film stars Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, and Stephen Merchant as the mutant tracker Caliban. Directed by James Mangold, Logan is slated for release in the United States on March 3, 2017.

Ending the Wolverine Solo Film series

Comic book purists would say that Laura was never a constant companion of Logan in the comics. That honor went to a far less deadly Chinese girl named Jubilation Lee or Jubilee, whose powers consisted of just light fireworks and acrobatics. Jubilee appeared in the X-Men movies but clearly, ending the Wolverine series with her was not part of the plan.

Looking at the previous Wolverine film in 2013, many of the characters in Logan’s life had been accounted for: Mariko, Yukio, and even the Silver Samurai. Opting for another Wolverine film after Logan would probably be stretching the series thin, so Marvel seems to know where its best interest lies.


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