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Why You Should Really Install the iOS Update 10.2.1 for Your Device’s Security

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You Should Really Install the iOS Update 10.2.1 for Your Device's Security
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Apple regularly updates iOS that many users choose to ignore the minor ones instead. However, you should get the latest iOS update 10.2.1 as it brings a much-needed security protection and fixes for bugs and many attacks.

The description for the update states iOS 10.2.1 includes “bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad.” While this may obviously be considered as a minor update, it is notably more than a routine update for the operating software. And you should definitely download it as soon as you can.

Security Content of Apple’s Update for iOS

In Apple’s security page for iOS 10.2.1, the security content of the update is detailed comprehensively with more than a dozen of vulnerabilities the software can bump into. Some of these were spotlighting the WebKit, the App Store, the browsing engine behind Safari, and various applications.

The malicious applications can reportedly take control of your device through executing an arbitrary code. Malwarebytes’ senior security researcher JP Taggart says it can add and delete files and even “execute any actions.” Some of which includes reading conversations and forwarding them to others, installing more malicious software, uninstalling programs and more.

Moreover, it can also hide the said “actions, programs, and files from the user.” Simply put, being unprotected is really alarming, and that is where the iOS update comes important.

Getting the iOS 10.2.1

Installing the update is simple, and many are used to the process by now. All it takes is going to your device’s Settings, clicking on General and then choosing Software Update; and also making sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection as well, by the way. There is also an option of updating in iTunes too.

The software is only 72mb in size thus there is no need for freeing up space on your device. Meanwhile, it is available for iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th gen and later, and iPod 6th gen and later.

The world is full of bad guys and the iOS update provides the added security protection we all need for peace of mind regarding our privacy. Moreover, it is only a few clicks away. Thus, installing the update is certainly a no-brainer.


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