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‘Running Man’ Is Officially Not Saying Goodbye With All Six Members to Stay

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'Running Man' Is Officially Not Saying Goodbye With All Six Members to Stay
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After a series of controversies and miscommunications, Running Man is officially not ending despite previous announcements. The six members will remain in the hit South Korean variety show as well.

It was previously announced that RM will be saying goodbye in February. However, SBS revealed the show is no longer canceled and will continue to air past its reported final episodes.

All Six Members Stay

The broadcasting company released a statement announcing Running Man to continue airing “with all members in place.” There had been a “deep conversations” between the members and the show’s creator Nam Seung Yong where he “apologized to the members over and over again” following the events that unfolded with the planned re-formatting.

The “overwhelming sadness” of the show’s fans both from and outside Korea has also made the six members decide to continue the variety series. Therefore, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin and HaHa will stay in RM.

In a statement released by Nam Seung Yong, he thanked the members for making the “difficult decision to stay.” Meanwhile, the SBS Chief of Headquarters promises to repay the fans who have stayed, loved and supported RM throughout seven years by making the series an even “more enjoyable” show.

From the Push and Pull: RM Stays

Things went downhill when news broke out the original members Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were involuntarily removed from the show. Fans were angered on how the two was treated, who only knew that they were let go from the show through media reports, after being in RM for seven years.

This was due to a plan for reformatting the show for a Season 2 with plans of having new members unbeknownst to the six. When the truth was revealed, the producers issued an apology and even punished themselves.

The plan for Season 2 was then scrapped and SBS announced the show will be saying goodbye. Special episodes to highlight each member as a form of farewell, to which former member Kang Gary has agreed to join, were also already announced as well. It was the last news before the confirmation that Running Man is no longer canceled.


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