Lee Sung Kyung Talks Ideal Type and Character Kim Bok Joo

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Lee Sung Kyung Talks Ideal Type and Character Kim Bok Joo on Recent Photo Shoot With Elle Korea
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The stunning South Korean model and actress Lee Sung Kyung posed beautifully for Elle Korea recently. She also spilled the beans on her thoughts about her lovable character Kim Bok Joo and how she takes real-life confessions from admirers.

Sung Kyung already has a solid social media following with a whopping 4.5 million followers on Instagram. But she undoubtedly captured more hearts with her character in hit rom-com The Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo which recently ended last Jan. 11. With the recent shoot with Elle Korea, the 27-year-old actress spoke candidly about her type, how she takes confessions, and Bok Joo.

Candid Sung Kyung

If what happened to Bok Joo, whose friend confessed his feelings to her, were to happen to Sung Kyung in real life, she says she will really be straightforward. The actress says when it comes to “personality or expressing herself,” she is totally honest.

Whether she likes the person back or not, Sung Kyung says she will forthright and truthful. If she has mutual feelings, she will not hide it. If she does not, she will make it “very clear on the spot.”

It also appears that the kind of person she is is what she admires from others as well. Sung Kyung shares what she finds “most masculine” in a man is when he is “true to their feelings.”

Sung Kyung on Book Joo

Lee Sung Kyung also shared some thoughts on Book Joo which she describes as a “very lovable character.” She even gives the character credit for all the compliments she has received.

As for playing the character, Sung Kyung says what touched the hearts of many viewers is the real emotions. By relaying Bok Joo’s true emotions for the viewers, along with “utmost effort” in acting, she was able to send and deliver the message directly to the viewer’s hearts.

And that she, indeed, successfully do. Ultimately, Lee Sung Kyung only proves to completely embody her character with her natural, lighthearted and candid manner.


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