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5 Stunning Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 Features to Watch out For

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5 Stunning Leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 Features to Watch out For
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A new year comes with a new generation of smartphones with upgraded features that will undoubtedly wow many consumers. One of the most anticipated smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8, is announced to be released in a few months – and they are already predicted to have stunning elements and visual impact.

Little glimpses provided by sources from The Guardian gave way to more information on what is to look out for in Galaxy S8, the South Korean tech giant’s next flagship smartphone. Some of the tips revealed include its two variants with 5-inch and 6-inch screens to be purportedly called Dream and Dream 2 and its all new Snapdragon 835 processor.

Moreover, there are also other features that appear to be really promising. While waiting for its announcement on March and selling period starting April, here are 5 rumored features of Samsung Galaxy S8 that are worth peeling one’s eyes for.

1. Infinity Display

The Galaxy S8 will reportedly have an all-screen display, also called an “infinity display.” This means the device’s frontal area will be covered mostly by the screen which has left no room for the brand’s logo or name. With this, the fingerprint scanner has been moved to its rear side according to the report.

2. Iris Scanner

But really, the fingerprint scanner can be set aside especially when the Galaxy S8 is rumored to have its own iris scanner. Like the Galaxy Note 7, an iris scanning biometric tech is expected to be available for users’ to unlock their phones and even authenticate their purchases.

3. Duo Pixel Camera

The incoming device will also sport its predecessor’s “duo pixel” camera. Aside from the well-performing and improved camera quality, it is also reported to have a built-in object recognition like Google Goggles.’

4. Artificial Intelligence Assistant

There are innuendos of Galaxy S8 to have an AI assistant which The Guardian purported will be called Bixby as per information leaks. Whether or not this will actually be included in the smartphone is unclear in the meantime. However, it is implied that its main duty is to perform tasks as Samsung was said to have partnered with other companies for the AI assistant’s data sources.

5. Desktop Extension

Smartphones will no longer just be mere mobile devices as Galaxy S8 is reported to have a dock and service that transforms the phone into a desktop computer. The desktop extension, called DeX, can be used to connect the device to a monitor, keyboard, and whatnot.

While these are not yet confirmed especially when the phones are not yet officially released, it only shows there are a lot of things to watch out for in the Samsung Galaxy S8. And by the way, it will most likely keep its headphone socket, unlike other smartphones we know.


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