You Should Not Shower As Often As You Do, According to Science

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You Should Not Shower As Often As You Do, According to Science
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We shower as often as we can because it equates to cleanliness, or so we think. However, science says over-showering actually does more bad than good to our body.

A recent study by skin care company Flint + Flint shows 57 percent out of 2,000 women does not take a bath daily. It does not mean a lot many women are gross, though, as there is actually a healthy reason behind that.

Additionally, the MIT graduate Dave Whitlock, who claims he has not showered for over a decade, imparted a thought to ponder on questioning the basis behind people assuming that showering is a healthy basis. With that, he created the Mother Dirt AO+ Mist spray that lives off our body’s ammonia produced when sweating.

Taking A Bath Frequently is Actually Better For Our Health

Whitlock, actually, has a point. When we take a bath too often, we actually strip away our body’s microbiome which consists of bacteria, viruses and various microbes; and nope, not all of them are bad.

In fact, they are important for our body’s immunity and health. Moreover, showering too frequently can wash away our body’s natural oils causing our skin to dry.

An infectious disease expert and associate dean for research, Dr. Elaine Larson, from the Columbia University School of Nursing says the dry and cracked skin may lead to infectious diseases as germs can slip through them. She also adds bacteriologically, we are not cleaner just because we shower every day.

How Often Should We Bathe?

Taking a bath daily was actually more of a cultural thing rather than a medically-advised practice. And of course, we also bathe when we sweat throughout the day since we tend to smell.

But according to research, that is only because we disturbed the human microbiomes too much. Once our body gets used it, it will allegedly adjust and we will stop smelling. People who have a shower-free life attest to that.

To stay away from diseases, washing our hands regular would suffice. When considering how we look or smell, though, a shower every once or twice a week is already enough.


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