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‘Outlander’ Season 3 Actors to Play Mr. Willoughby and Captain Thomas Leonard Revealed

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'Outlander' Season 3 Actors to Play Mr. Willoughby and Captain Thomas Leonard Revealed
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More new faces are joining Outlander Season 3. The actors to portray the roles of Mr. Willoughby and Captain Thomas Leonard are officially revealed.

The world of the hit Starz series is expanding bigger and bigger both in scale and size. As production for the third season is currently happening, the additional insight on the new people to keep an eye for is certainly welcome.

Two Key Characters Joins Outlander, and more

An actor from New Zealand named Gary Young is reported to play to role of Mr. Willoughby. According to Starz, Mr. Willoughby is a Chinese man who speaks English rather well which he hides whenever he pleases.

He is going to be a confidante of Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughan, who bears a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine. Additionally, Mr. Willoughby is a talented poet in exile who has a deep adoration with women. The Jamie colleague will also be an even more outcast as compared to Claire, played by Caitriona Balfe, in the 18th century Scotland.

Meanwhile, the British Captain Thomas Leonard will be brought to life by Charlie Hiett. His character is, as per Starz, revealed to be a by-the-book, albeit inexperienced, Artemis de-facto captain. The young captain will bear the duty of his job as he was quickly promoted following the untimely deaths of his commanding officers.

Deeper information about his character states he never expected to be the in charge of a man-of-war ship. His morals stand by doing what is right for the British Army as a third lieutenant going as far as disregarding his own personal stand and views.

The undoubtedly promising roster of new characters to await for only adds the thrill to the fans that are eagerly waiting for the time-travelling TV series. Meanwhile, Gary and Charlie are not the only new characters to welcome in Outlander Season 3.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Films in Ayrshire

Droughtlander is real and any update, big or small, means big for many fans. Thankfully, the best-selling author of the novel series, Diana Gabaldon, teased some tiny information.

When asked by a user on how the filming is coming so far, Gabaldon wrote on Twitter it is “good.” She explains a little bit further that five “terrific” episodes are complete; in terms of shooting, that is. The author clarifies there is still post-production to be conquered.

Indeed, the actors as busy filming as they brave the weather in the sleepy fishing village in Ayrshire. The on-screen couple Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who plays Jamie and Claire Fraser, were reportedly seen doing some romantic clips.

Meanwhile, another user asked Gabaldon if she is now “more relaxed” at how things are going in Season 3. In response, she tweeted that since the third installment is more “straightforward” when compared to Dragonfly, referring to the third book Dragonfly in Amber that was based for Season 2, making it “easier to adapt.”

With no announced release date yet, what is only known and certain is that the 13-episode Outlander Season 3 will return sometime this year. Regarding the filming, production will then head on to South Africa in March.


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