This Recent Nanoparticles Applications May Bring an End to Death Caused by Venomous Snakes

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This Recent Nanoparticles Applications May Bring an End to Death Caused by Venomous Snakes
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Nanoparticles applications are really diverse and they only continue to prove that there are different ways to make use of them. Recently, scientists have used nanoparticles to battle venomous snake bites potentially impacting many victims suffering from injuries and even death.

Attacks of Venomous Serpents

Eexcept Antarctica, there are venomous snakes in every continent in the world. However, the dangers are not stressed enough. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) lists snake bites as one of the most neglected concerns.

The worry is rightful because more than 100,000 people die from snake bites each year. Additionally, a whopping 4.5 million people get bitten by snakes while 3 million of them suffer from injuries including amputation of the poisoned body part.

While there are medications available, administering the right antivenom to the victim is critical. It is because not all venoms are the same and most of them contain various toxins.

Moreover, people in remote areas, especially those who are in farming, construction and forestry places, who are more prone to the danger of snake bites do not have access to the kind of medication. Reasons include the far-flung areas which and, with that, the inadequacy of refrigeration needed arises. The cost of making a conventional antivenom is also really high.

Nanoparticles Applications Come To The Rescue

A research study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society showed the use of nanoparticles to remove dangerous toxins from snake bites. The concept was actually based on a previous study of the group of chemists at the University of California, Irvine.

Their previous work also used nanoparticles in removing bee venom in the victim’s blood. This occurs when the nanoparticles bind with toxins.

For their improved study, they no longer want the nanoparticles to bind to the toxin but instead, they want to engineer a nanoparticle that can clear away various toxins collectively in one snake bite. Moreover, they want to concoct the nanoparticle to fight off venom from multiple species.

The toxins targeted by the study is called PLA2 proteins. The chemists were able to develop nanoparticles that can battle multiple harmful proteins. This is achieved through configurations of nanoparticles with the PLA2 proteins in incubation.

When the animal testing is proven successful and viable for the research, it will be very useful especially for faraway areas that are at most at risk with snake bites. The nanoparticles applications also enhanced the antivenom and they no longer need refrigeration while the cost of their synthesis is cheaper than conventional ones.


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