Beyonce, Jay Z Are Expecting Twins as Singer Shares They Are ‘Blessed Two Times Over’

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Beyonce, Jay Z Are Expecting Twins as Singer Shares They Are 'Blessed Two Times Over'
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Beyonce feels beyond blessed as she and Jay-Z expect not just one, but two bundles of joy! Amid this wonderful news, many fans are also wondering whether Queen Bey will still perform on her scheduled projects.

Twins on the Way!

A few hours ago, the Hold Up singer announced on her Instagram profile that she and husband Jay-Z are expecting twins. She opens her announcement by saying that she wants to share their “love and happiness” as she captioned the photo of her baby bump.

The 35-year-old singer continues by revealing that they have been “blessed two times over.” The couple that wed on 2008 already has the five-year-old Blue Ivy in their family. Now, they are “growing by two” and the Formation singer says they are grateful for it.

This is a more low-key and quite intimate announcement as compared to Blue Ivy’s in 2011. The singer-songwriter showed her baby bump while performing Love on Top during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and surprised fans of her pregnancy.

Emerging Through the Hard Times

Just like the rest of us, the Houston-native also went through some hardships in life. Her first pregnancy, before Blue Ivy, ended heartbreakingly with a miscarriage as she revealed in the 2013 HBO documentary, Life Is But a Dream.

The Crazy in Love singer shares about hearing the baby’s heartbeat that was “the most beautiful music” she ever heard in her life. But then, in the early stages of her pregnancy, she got complications. On her next check up, there was no longer a heartbeat.

But all things, good and bad, eventually passes and no matter how heartbreaking it was, Bey pulled through it. On 2012, she gave birth to the healthy baby girl Blue Ivy.

Meanwhile, this current pregnancy also extinguishes rumors circulating that Bey and Jay-Z’s marriage is on the rocks. Ever since the singer released her Lemonade album with some revealing lyrics on infidelity, many have been questioning what is going on between the relationship of the two.

Will Beyonce Continue To Perform?

Aside from the joy of the double blessing, many are curious if Queen Bey will still headline in Coachella this April. Reportedly, the company producing Coachella, AEG Live, is also clueless about her pregnancy.

However, a source allegedly told TMZ that the show will go on. A joke was also added that Bey will just have to borrow David Grohl’s big chair who broke his leg after falling off the stage and got a custom-made guitar throne to continue his tour.

There is also a slated performance by Beyonce on the Grammy Awards this Feb. 12 where she is the most-nominated artist of the year with nine nominations. Reports say she is still set to perform.

Of course, this is Beyonce and she had already slain her performance even when she was pregnant before. In fact, she was carrying Blue Ivy in her tummy when she did her show-stopping Run the World (Girls) production number in 2011.


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