Brain Trauma Recovery Stories: Pianist Who Almost Lost Passion Is Miraculously Healed Through God’s Love and Grace

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Brain trauma recovery stories never fail to amaze many of us as this kind of injury is known to be severe. But God’s grace and mercy are endless as this pianist who almost lost his life and passion found his own purpose.

No one could have expected the news that Ani received on the evening of December 2014. After waiting for hours, worried since it was unusual for Gilbert not to contact if he would be out late, she finally received a call that would change their lives forever.

Brain Trauma Recovery Stories of Healing

Ani’s husband Gilbert got in a motorcycle accident and was hurried to the Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California. When she arrived at the hospital, her heart broke as the doctor told her to prepare to say her goodbyes to her husband.

Gilbert suffered from brain trauma and multiple injuries after crashing head first on the mountainside. While in critical condition with doctors saying he was not expected to live, Gilbert’s family and friends gathered to pray for him.

Ani said that he felt the Lord’s presence with her as she prayed. By God’s grace, Gilbert defied the prognosis and lived as the doctors revealed some more bad news.

However, Gilbert survived all of those from the prognosis of paralyzation, memory loss and being disabled. All of this is because of the prayers of all the people that loved him.

The End of A Career

Through therapies and prayers, Gilbert survived many odds, but the challenge did not end there. While he is healing and restoring his old strength back, one thing very important to Gilbert is found to be forever broken.

The nerve damage on his right-hand makes it locked and his fingers are unmovable. It left Gilbert devastated as it was his passion and

As a child, Gilbert did not have an easy life. He shares that when he was only 17 years old, his father was killed and stabbed multiple times. What carried him and his family through the trials was, according to Gilbert, God’s grace through and through.

Finding His Purpose

After seven months through his therapy, Gilbert shared the gospel and his testimony in France. Out of nowhere, a couple came up to Gilbert and said that they are brought by the Holy Spirit to pray for his healing.

Despite some doubts, Gilbert said he “received the word by faith” as they prayed over his fingers. Much to Gilbert’s surprise the next morning, he can now move his fingers.

Even the doctors were amused that his nerves are found to be regenerating. According to Dr. Balian, Gilbert’s faith and determination are big roles for his overall recovery. Additionally, the doctor admitted “miraculous” is also a word that could explain his healing.

From his brain trauma recovery stories to his journey to healing, Gilbert continues to share about God’s love for His people through their family ministry as he has already found his purpose through what happened to him. He says it is “to know Him and to make Him know” and Gilbert does just that.

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