Brain Trauma Recovery Stories: Young Girl’s Amazing Recovery Reflects God’s Healing Power

American novelist Willa Cather once said that “Where there is great love there are always miracles.” The Bowmans from West Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley are a close-knit family whose intense faith in God and love were reinforced with a miracle.

The miracle of a new lease on life handed to six-year-old Reagan Bowman attests to God’s immense healing power and love for humankind. The Bowmans were going about their day-to-day routine when young Reagan figured in an accident.

It was a calm day at the Bowmans’ farm in early February 2011 when, after coming home from school, Reagan set out to play in their storage shed loft. From out of the blue, she fell and hit her head on the concrete.

A family member found her crying. Sensing that something may have gone terribly wrong as a result of the fall, the girl’s parents called the 911 rescue squad, and thereafter , she was whisked by a helicopter to a nearby hospital’s trauma center.

When Faith Saves the Day

The injured girl’s father immediately called several preachers and asked them to pray for the family’s situation. While medical science offers much reassurance when life-threatening conditions happen, the Bowmans relied much on the love that bound them to each other, and their unwavering trust in God to do what is best.

Dr. Kenneth Norwood of University of Virginia Children’s Hospital confirmed that given Reagan’s brain trauma and multiple fractures, “she could have died.” The girl was heavily sedated for weeks and doctors waited for the brain swelling to ease, which happened in due time, but she had to undergo therapy and relearn things like brushing her teeth, walking, and other such activities.

It certainly helped that Reagan was strong-willed. Yet the test of faith for the Bowmans continued, particularly when Reagan developed an infection and had to take antibiotics.

The Bowmans and their friends continued praying for Reagan’s recovery and healing. In no time at all, the miracle of Jesus Christ’s healing hands was manifested, and it came with the assurance that no suffering lasts forever.

The young girl’s infection cleared rapidly, and she spent less time in rehabilitation. For a young patient who experienced severe brain injury, Reagan Bowman’s recovery was astounding.

Immensely Grateful Hearts

Today, the girls’ mother could still recall how God “did not leave anything unhealed.”  Reagan is now entering into teenage years, and amazingly shows no signs of the long-term effects of brain injury.

Doctors who have checked her out have found no problems with attention, language, and other cognitive functioning areas. The girl who received the miracle of God said, “I feel like I can do anything,” showing to all and sundry that God’s healing power and loving presence are always at work.

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